Human brain oGPCR expression

These oGPCRs were profiled in 14 human brain regions (4-16 healthy individuals) for their potential implication in reward/aversion processing, motivation and/or decision-making, which cut across several psychiatric diseases including drug abuse and mood disorders.

Download contains individual raw binding densities for oGPCRs, Housekeeping genes (Beta Actin, GAPDH, HPRT1, RPL0, RPL9), Negative and Positive ERCCs.


Human oGPCR download

25 oGPCRs across adult human brain

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Human brain tissue samples were obtained from the Douglas Brain Bank founded in 1980, which currently houses and manages over 3,000 brains in Montreal, Canada.

Human brain tissue gene expression studies were conducted at the nanoString platform at the Lady Davis Institute and Department of Pathology, McGill University, Montreal, Canada.